A Maze 'n' Fun



Cornfused Kids Club Cornelius, the Amazing Maze ‘n Maize scarecrow, has created a special maze club free for his favourite fans.
Anyone between the ages of 3 and 12 years can sign up for their very own Cornfused Kids Club Card.
Group & Team Options We’ve developed Team Building experiences that will challenge your team while promoting fun, encouraging problem solving and enhancing communication.

From low key to organised and professional teambuilding, you and your team are guaranteed to learn more about each other through this challenging, fun, and active adventure.

Challenge your team to complete the day maze. Groups can navigate their way through the Maze as a time trial, completing a quiz or an old-fashioned treasure hunt.
Puddle Pad The PuddlePad is a great place for the kids to cool off after a round of Corncob Crazy Golf or a run through the Maze. It is an interactive water play area suitable for all ages, where they can drench each other on the water fight bikes or simply play and have fun under the other water features. 0.00
3D Vortex Tunnel The 3D Vortex is an unusual mind trip through an endless maze of fluorescent colours and floating and turning walls & floors. Kids love the experience; adults are fascinated by the technology. 3D glasses are provided for this exciting activity. 0.00
Corncob Crazy Golf Corncob Crazy Golf is a world first mini golf or adventure golf variant where the biggest twist is using a corncob as the putter! To complicate the game a little more, the ball is soft and bouncy, about the same size as a tennis ball. 0.00